Extracts from a Speech delivered by the First Superior General Eugenio Borg in the B'Kara Branch (probably in  1963).


We should be truly grateful to God and love him more than anyone else when he called us to become Members of the Society of Christian Doctrine he showered us with his grace.

Our vocation entails hard work, sacrifice, teaching the Catholic doctrine, denying ourselves of many things including recreation. it involves studying, spending money, but all this is really insignificant when compared to the eternal reward. When I contemplate about this reward, I am really beside myself with joy, a reward which God prepared to all those who love him.

If you meditate about Heaven, you will certainly be filled with love of God. I can easily prove this: If a friend of yours generously gives you something, your love towards him inevitably grows. our human nature is thus inclined. Thus whoever meditates about Heaven, should be filled with love towards God. Who can truly comprehend the magnitude of this reward? We cannot fully comprehend because it is an infinite reward.

Meditating about Heaven should fill us with enthusiasm to work for the Lord. Why did the saints work so hard and endure so much suffering and do so many sacrifices? Because they used to meditate about heaven. Whoever meditates about Heaven cannot fail to be filled with the love of God.

Our Society is a means through which God is glorified and souls are saved. This is our true vocation - to give glory to God through our actions, our teaching, our life and through the salvation of as many souls as possible.

Every one of us should not strive to achieve just his own salvation since God has given us the grace to save many people, many souls. This is our true vocation. God did not call us to become members of this Society just to do good, to avoid sins, to observe his holy law as perfectly as possible, to receive the sacraments often, but he called us to teach and save souls. This is truly a great grace. "Rejoice instead that your names are written in heaven" (Lk 10,20)

I believe that whoever teaches the Catholic doctrine is predestined to glory. If one teaches the Catholic doctrine perseveringly, with the right intention and in a state of grace, that is a clear indication of achieving salvation.

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